3 Breathtaking DIY Decoration Ideas to Make Your Spring Wedding Stunning

DIY weddings have become one of today’s craftiest phenomena. There are many DIY project options wait the resourceful bride and groom, from DIY wedding centerpieces to DIY wedding favors. Today, you can also feature a range of spring DIY decorations for every aspect of your wedding day festivities.

Tabletop treasures, hanging decorations, and food embellishments are a few of them that will enhance your venue look and also come within your budget. If you want to make your wedding decoration more cost-effective then it is ideal to find a reliable online fabric supplier for buying fabrics, ribbons, deco mesh, chair covers, tablecloths, favor bags, and many others.

Below, I’m going to share some of the best DIY weddings decoration ideas for spring that will add a personal touch to your wedding.

1.       DIY Wedding Tabletop Decorations

You can begin with an outstanding wedding featuring. Here are inspiring DIY ideas that involve stacking votive candleholders and adding flowers to the mix.

·       For flowers you can keep forever, you can make a pom-pom banquet using different colors of yarns. It looks awesome and provides a sophisticated appearance at your table décor.

·       When it comes to centerpiece décor, put some lovely branches in a vase, as well as pre-string suggestion cards for guests. Your guest can write their advice for you and your better half. Hang them on the tree and as watch as their feedback becomes part of the wedding décor.

·       The next DIY idea may not exactly be displayed in tabletop fashion but paper hearts will look as whimsical in a vase as they appear emerging from the ground. For this, all you need is card stock in different colors, a heart hole punch, dowels, and hot glue.

·       The DIY drawer knob place card holders make imaginative use of antique or new doorknobs., wooden dowels and a few other traces such as dainty flag washed in watercolor.

·       You can also try adding some sparkle to your tabletop by scattering glitter on trays or adding them to the water of your floral arrangement. This is a great way to add shine.

·       You can make a fabulous DIY centerpiece that will truly shine at an outdoor wedding. Make DIY cement planters using materials such as cement, containers, and spray paint.

2.    DIY Hanging Decorations

If you want to add a bit more of a pop to your reception then begin with a garland that’s as easy as paper and string. Below are some inspiring hanging decoration ideas, including:

·       If you are looking for a way to put honeycomb paper balls to good use, then cleverly altering them into geometric designs by cutting your own shape.

·       For adding a truly modern touch to your wedding, craft some yarn chandeliers using ingredients like corn starch, yarn, and balloons for holding the shape. These are some of the best wedding decorations that you will definitely want to keep.

·       You will have seen a slew of tissue poms at festive events, but you can craft your own wedding lantern using fabric. You can take ideas from online instruction for making this DIY.

·       Hang a backdrop to set the stage for a beautiful wedding or reception. For making this backdrop, you will only need an assortment of colorful ribbons and string.

·       Make your ordinary chair look gorgeous by hanging some colorful ribbons on them. If you haven’t time for decorating each and every chair, then decorate select seating, such as the first chair in every row, or every other chair for scattering the color.

 3.       DIY Food and Drink Décor

After completing the above decoration, now turn your attention to food and beverages. Many people think these items can’t be decorative, but, in reality, food and drink accessories can truly set a festive tone at your wedding. Like you can incorporate some greenery into your frozen creation for a gorgeous touch. Here are some of the best ideas for food and drink décor, such as:

·       Speaking of drinks, you can make your wedding cocktail festive with feather-topped drink stirrers. You can easily create them by using ingredients such as feathers, skewers, and gold trim. Feathers are super fashionable, so these superior touches look smartly current. And they also have an antique vibe that attractively evokes the past.

·       Use gift wrap and some ribbon accents for highlighting champagne bottle centerpieces. Metallic detail and frosty touches are great for wedding day décor.

·       There is nothing more than a DIY wedding cake topper. You can make an awesome cake topper by using gold letters, thread, and straws lovingly arranged in an eye-catching topper to a decadent cake.

·       Crocheted hearts are another cake topper idea. The best thing about this idea is that you don’t have to hand-crochet yourself. For this, use doilies, glue, and some other key ingredients for crafting this handmade-looking creation.

When it comes to DIY wedding decorations, you will get a lot of options, and above are some of these. You can find a wholesale wedding and crat product supplier for buying ribbon, fabric, flower petals, chair cover, tablecloth, favor bag, and many others.


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